Please God…PLEASE

Well it’s the start of another week and we are hoping that this will be the week we get the news we have been waiting for from the US Embassy in Addis.  Everyday I obsessively check my personal email account to see if there is news!

I see this picture every day and I think, PLEASE GOD…PLEASE!!!

As I was driving in my car today I was noticing the leaves blooming on the trees.  I heard God tell/remind me about how he cares for those trees and has a time for when they should bloom.  Much like this adoption, God has a time for when it is supposed to come to fruition and HE will supply the grace to wait!

Until then we wait on God.

To our little Noah, we love you, miss you and can’t wait to bring you home to your family!!!


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3 Responses to Please God…PLEASE

  1. Alicia Olfert says:

    Jeanne, I’m with you…I just feel like I’m about to burst, sometimes each breath is heavy and I have to take big deep breaths. My sister-in-law who just adopted a girl from Ethiopia last Spring shared these song lyrics with me…

    “If we had God’s eyes and could see to forever, We’d never have to struggle to believe.
    We’d understand why and in all of our questions, We’d know what the answers would be.
    But we have faith enough to know God is always in control When we can’t see the forest for the trees.
    There are times when we wait and wonder And we question the sound of His call. To the silence we learn how to listen, And we find He’s been there through it all.
    He’s longing to lead us from where we are waiting. He wants us to reach out our hands. And with every step we’re a little bit closer To all that the Father has planned.”

    I am clinging to truths of scripture – that God is good…I know He is…but I just feel like I can’t wait any longer. Please, God, Please – I’m begging God with you that our children would be home VERY soon. Please God.

  2. Melissa says:

    Praying with you, Jeanne! I just told Joseph that I can’t believe we’re still here without Evangelle. It would be wonderful if this turned out to be the week!

  3. AnnMarie says:

    I am *so* hopeful for this week. The e-mail WILL come, you WILL be going and you WILL be with your son in the near future. All this agony will be a distant memory someday. I just wish that day would hurry up and get here!!!!

    Praying for you.

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